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16th Century Cottage front & rear garden design phase 1

This beautiful cottage is the lowest point of the surrounding area. The garden levels over the years had also risen and become higher than the inside levels of the cottage leading to damp. We excavated tonnes of soil to reduce the external levels and installed pipe work to allow water to drain away from the cottage. We retained the existing change of levels using Purbeck stone walls with ornamental steps. The paving is Indian stone paving with Indian stone sett edge detail. We hope to return following the renovation of the cottage to complete the planting


Excavation and ground works for the front garden design

A very muddy excavation of the front garden


Before and after front garden design

The before and after of the front garden design

Path design

Small walled pathway from driveway using Purbeck stone and Indian stone paving

Stonewall and trellis

Pathway and small natural stonework wall with trellis work


Creating a natural screen using trellis and planting

The Beech and climbers planted on the trellis will soon create a screen for privacy as the cottage has a shared access drive

Stone wall detail

The Purbeck stonewall close up detail


Driveway and front garden design

Driveway and trellis with Indian stonework porch area


Rear patio design construction begins

The rear patio excavation and construction begins

Rear patio before and after pictures

Before and after of the rear patio

Patio design

Completed patio and wall design with steps

Large Indian stone patio design

The beautiful natural colours of the Indian stone paving and coping with the Purbeck stone walling

Garden steps

Close up of the ornamental garden patio steps and Indian sett detail

Garden wall

Detail of the Purbeck natural stone wall

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