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Building and constructing a Natural Pond

Water gardens, lakes and pondsĀ are very general terms for areas of water. They also require designing and landscapingĀ to not only be a feature, but to compliment their surroundings. On this garden project our clients wanted a pond to seamlessly enhance their beautiful rural surroundings – I think we hit the brief with this natural pond design;

The pond is dug and smoothed

The natural pond area is dug out and lined with clay

natural pond construction

The liner and matting is installed then lined again with sand and top soil/clay

The stilted deck area is added to the natural pond

We added a stilted deck to this pond design

marginal pond planting

The pond is then planted using marginals and lilies

The natural pond in its rural surroundings

An overview of the beautiful area the pond was designed for

construction and planting of the natural pond  completed

The area was seeded with wild grass seed

Natural pond completed

Natural pond design completed and very happy clients

Natural pond 1 year on

We returned to 1 year on to see the marginal and aquatic planting maturing nicely


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