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Constructing a natural pond – Staines

Our latest project is completed – a natural pond lined with stone. We lined the concrete base of the pond with sand and terram to protect the liner. The stone is then carefully stacked onto theĀ  pond liner so no liner is visible. This gives the pond an overall natural look. The reed pump and marginal plants will aid the filtration of the pond. The pond looks great now can’t wait til next summer when it will be stunning!!!

building a garden pond

Smoothing sand in the pond to protect the pond liner

Lining a garden pond

The liner is installed over the sand and matting ready to take the stone

lining the pond with stone

Gradually the stone is built up with shelves for the marginal planting

constructing a reed bed in a pond

The reed bed and shingle prior to marginal planting

garden pond ideas

The completed pond with small beach area

Bridge over garden pond

The clients existing bridge and small copper water feature add detail to the natural pond

garden pond reed bed

The reed bed will help filter the pond

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