Garden Design & Consultation

When you commission a bespoke garden design from Pete Sims, you’re working with a unique garden designer who understands landscape, stone, water and planting, and who will draw on 25 years of landscaping and construction knowledge, in conjunction with your ideas and individual requirements, to create a beautiful and practical scheme for your garden space.

He gains inspiration from nature and endeavours to work within the natural contours of a plot using natural materials and complimentary planting.


How do we begin ?

Meeting Pete – Please either call or email and we can arrange an initial consultation with Pete – At this meeting, he will take a look at your garden, listening and making notes on your individual requirements and show you our portfolio of work. He will then discuss his initial ideas incorporating your achievable key elements. If you like what you hear he will give you an estimated cost for him to produce your design. This will depend on how long he feels it would take him according to the size of your plot, your requirements and your combined build and planting budget.

Your Survey -If at this point you are ready to commission Pete, he will arrange to return and survey the garden – this will include taking measurements, highlighting any existing features and views that may need to be enhanced or hidden and taking notes regarding soil type and the sunny and shady areas of the garden. He  may take photographs and video to refer to back at our offices when creating your design. This all may take several hours depending on the particular garden but is invaluable in making sure the final plan is pleasing yet workable.

Your Garden Design – Pete will create your garden design by using 3D software that will give you not only a scaled schematic plan, but also an elevation from a selection of viewing positions that will bring the design to life. Pete will also show you the design across four seasons as an added insight into your vision for the space. (In some cases, usually patios only or focal features, he will sketch a scale flat plan as this is all that will be necessary)

Pete will then come and present the plan and 3D images at a time that is convenient, evenings are fine. This is an opportunity for you to look at your garden design in detail and ask any questions you may have. You will receive a full explanation of the proposed materials with either samples or photographs. Payment for the design is requested at the time of the viewing however Pete will be happy to make any minor changes at no further charge.

Building your Garden – There are several approaches to this and we can work in whichever way suits you. Most clients are keen to have their garden built for them however most garden designers can only design gardens, not build them. They will either leave it to the client to find their own contractor or will put the work out to tender on your behalf. If they follow the route of inviting tenders it requires them meeting all invited contractors on site, comparing proposals and prices etc. then overseeing the whole project. For this you will either be charged a percentage of the contractors fee by the designer or an hourly rate for the time spent on the above, plus regular site inspections. These fees could pretty soon add up to a substantial amount – money that would you’d surely prefer to spend within the garden.


Why choose Pete Sims over other garden designers – This is where Pete Sims and his team are unique to many other garden design companies. Once you are happy with your dream garden design Pete will, if you so wish, raise a quotation to build, landscape and plant your garden- or elements of it according to your requirements. Our quotations are free of charge and always competitive. If you accept the quotation you will have no relays of different contractors traipsing in and out of your garden no misunderstandings between designer and contractor ( he is one in the same) so nothing is missed in translation.

Your designer overseeing the project and on site the majority of the time at no extra charge

No hidden fees – you pay what is on the quotation (unless of course you have anything extra)

• A full scope and timeline for the construction will be agreed to take matters such as access, planning permission and other project essentials into account.

We request a deposit for the garden construction on the day work commences and not before and will always schedule stage payments throughout progress with the final balance due on the day of completion and your satisfaction.


Other building optionsAlternatively you may wish to have your garden constructed in stages. We can help you in planning the best way to divide the work so you gain the most from your garden as quickly as possible.

Finally, for simpler designs or if you are particularly energetic, you may carry out the work yourself. Pete will be happy to talk through the best ways of doing this at the presentation stage.


Planting Pete will usually allow a budget for plants and planting within your quotation according to the final impact you wish to achieve. He will invite you to inspect all plants and shrubs prior to planting to ensure you are happy with the quality. He’ll even take you plant shopping with him if you so wish, this way you can have an input into the planting scheme but with Petes guidance as to their suitability according to your soil type etc.


Consultation Should you decide to use another contractor to bring the design to life, Pete will be happy to liaise with you and your contractor on a consultation basis for an agreed fee.

Pete realises that client’s needs vary considerably; you may just need an expert view or advice. He is happy to be consulted on all aspects of water gardening be it a garden pond or a large commercial lake together with all areas of hard landscaping. Call out fees and hourly charge to be agreed.

If you would like to consult with Pete on just his proposals for the planting scheme, this is also possible. The consultation services will be subject to either an individual quote or included within the total construction quotation depending on your requirements.


Contact Pete Sims garden design team for further information and to discuss your project.