Aman’s Garden of Reflection

I was given the honour of designing a garden in the memory of Aman Kapila, the young and vibrant son of our dear friends.  I wanted the garden to reflect Aman’s close and loving relationships with his family, friends and school community.

The garden is set within the grounds of Theale Green Community School in Berkshire.

The 5 large stones within the circle represent Aman, his mother and father and 2 older brothers.  The smaller stones being friends and those lucky enough to have been a part of his life.

The stones were lifted into place using the grab crane of the lorry, the heaviest being approximately 1.5 tonnes and around 1.7 metres high.

As the photos show there were many volunteers to brave a freezing but sunny March day to help plant the garden. The Yew hedging once established will enclose the garden forming a secluded ‘room’.

Amans garden is a peaceful place where students can go to sit and reflect.

The ‘Aman Kapila Memorial Fund’ has also supported the following:

Royal Berkshire Hospital, Intensive Care Unit

BRINOS (Britain Nepal Otology service)

BSTC (Berkshire Sail Training Centre)

If you would like to find out more about Aman, his memorial fund or to make a donation please follow the link: