Commercial Garden Design – Water Garden, Hampshire

Design brief:
Even though the Care Home and large pond were built simultaneously, the developer wanted to create the impression that the complex had been built around an existing established pond. Our brief was to design, install and plant the pond and to create a naturalistic haven for residents to enjoy all year round.

Design fee: circa £500.00

Project duration: Around 2 months with a team of 4 – 5 men

Project budget: circa £50,000 plus plants

Project summary:
Decks and seating areas became a vital ingredient in the design scheme to facilitate easy access for wheelchair users as well as those on foot.

The varied levels of the site were retained with rock terraces to avoid sheer drops and create a safe environment.

The pond was lined with stone so the liner would never be visible all year round and to protect the liner from deer. Overflow from the storm water storage beneath the main patio area was used to top up the pond water level.

It was a big undertaking as you can see from the shopping list:

Rockery retaining wall – 60 tonnes of Purbeck stone and 130 tonnes of top soil.

Pond – 3 liners, 17 tonnes of Purbeck walling, 10 tonnes of decorative aggregate to line the bottom.

Following the completion of the large pond patio and pathways to the front of the residential care home, Pete was asked to return to landscape the rear.

The original theme was developed using the same materials as the front but this time incorporating paths, ramps and hand rails as well as seating areas for easy access and maximum enjoyment by the residents.

Prices shown are a guide only. Similar projects would be subject to an individual quotation.