Garden Design, Sandbanks, Bournemouth

Design brief:
The client had built an impressive contemporary home overlooking the sea at Sandbanks.

Initially he asked Pete to design the front garden. The design included a retaining rock wall using 150 tonnes of stone, some individual pieces weighing as much as 3.5 tonnes and each being around 3m in length. The client had concerns about using stone around such a modern house. However he became convinced that the overall result would be far more pleasing than the 5’ brick wall that the architect had originally specified.

Pete constructed and installed a natural pond with a bespoke oak and stone building, stone driveway and patio area with sett edges.

The client was so pleased and impressed that Pete was awarded the contract for the rear garden. This which included a sunken lower patio enclosed in glass and stainless steel, a stone walkway to the personal jetty with Purbeck wall planters and benches.

As the clients were making this their permanent home, Pete designed the garden with gradual slopes and no steps, and rest areas in strategic places so as the years passed, the clients would be able to enjoy the garden completely.

The garden was a huge undertaking – over 500 tonnes of crushed concrete was imported and 2000 tonnes of soil!

Project duration: 10 months with a team of 10 men.

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