Front Garden Design, Wokingham, Berkshire

Design brief:
The front garden was uninviting so the client wanted the garden to be practical, attractive, low maintenance and built to last.

Design fee: circa £350

Project duration: 4-5 weeks, 4 men

Project budget: For a similar scheme to the one illustrated – £23,500 plus a plant budget of approx. £3250.

Project summary:
Pete designed a turn-circle scheme which opened up the whole area for access and parking. Incorporating trees, flower beds, a small rockery and a Japanese garden inset feature.

The paving area covered approx 65m square.

Materials -Indian paving and setts, all borders edged with setts, 6 tonnes of Purbeck stone in the rockery and a small turfed area.

Block Paviours versus Stone Paving
The client was considering block paving originally but was swayed by the facts:

When you choose Stone Paving there will be no weeding required, no sagging and no wheel ruts, which can be a problem with block paving.

When you choose Pete Sims to install your driveway his team will dig trial holes to determine the ground type and install a concrete base to suit the depth and strength required. They will often incorporate reinforced steel to add strength and flexibility.

Prices are a rough guide only and similar projects will be subject to an individual quotation.

Contact Pete for ideas and inspirations for your driveway and garden.