Patio Design and Natural Stone Walling

Stonework Patios
Bring new life to a tired garden or if you’re looking for inspiration for new build plot consider a stonework patio, designed with integral shapes and features and providing a low maintenance area to make the most of your outside living space.

A Pete Sims stone patio is always laid on a concrete base and a full mortar bed and the specifications routinely exceed the standard required by The Highways & Byways regulations. These patios are built to last with the minimum of upkeep required post installation.

A Pete Sims deck is built using pressure treated 150mm x 50mm timbers for the base. Pete avoids using standard deck boards which deteriorate rapidly and can become slippery; he prefers to use either 200mm x 50mm boards or oiled larch to the same dimensions.

If it’s a wall that you need, Pete Sims’ natural stone retaining walls are initially built using concrete blocks to create inner strength and structure. The stonework is then built in front as a facer wall. The stone is dressed on site and each piece is randomly selected so each square foot is different. This imparts character rather than regiment to these feature walls.

Depending on the client’s preference the stone joints can be either;

• Pinched – laid on mortar but with tight joints giving a dry stone effect
• Open joints – as above but joints are much wider
• Weather pointed – joints are filled with mortar similar to brickwork.

Our walls are normally coped using stone or in some cases using the ‘cock and hen’ technique where stone is stood up vertically.