A Celtic Retreat – Water Garden Exhibit Hampton Court Flower Show

Category: Water Gardens

Award: Silver Flora

The inspiration for this water garden came following a visit to Castell Henllys, West Wales, an iron age village reconstructed on the original footings.

Inspired by the use of oak in the construction, the significance of iron, and the abundance of Welsh slate, these materials became the basis for Pete’s design.

The overall form of the garden was a huge Celtic cross. The custom made wrought iron bridge skimmed the front pools leading to a beautiful hand made oak pergola and bench.

A feeling of serenity and calm was unmistakable while gently swaying on the bench with the sound of water gentle splashing from the urn water feature. A crazy paving pathway divided the cross and the natural stone walls of the planters were constructed using Welsh slate with detailed inter-planting.

The use of native and cultivated plants complimented the design perfectly, making it the ideal retreat not only for a Celt but for anyone!

The entire garden was created on a 9m diameter plot, proof that stunning gardens can be designed and constructed in a small space.