Formal Pond – Pangbourne, Berkshire

Design brief:
This site originally had a formal pond which was in need of some attention.

Pete suggested a water garden rather than a water feature and the client was persuaded after viewing ‘A World of Water’ in Pete’s Hampton Court Flower Show portfolio.

Pete then modified this concept and redesigned the area incorporating a pergola, formal planting with box balls and standard roses.

Design fee: circa £800

Project duration: 3 months with a team of 3-4 men

Project summary:
The sunken patio is 900mm deep and when you sit within it the water is at eye level.
The pond planting entices butterflies and dragonflies creating a charming atmosphere which the clients still enjoy on a daily basis.

Approximately 10 tonnes of guillotine cut Purbeck walling was used within the sunken patio area to face the concrete block retaining walls.

The paving used within the patio, the copings and the peripheral paving was Indian limestone with Indian stone sett edges.

2 pond liners were box welded to the exact dimensions of the ponds to ensure a snug fit.

The bespoke archway through to the garden and the long pergola were made from Oak and made on site.