Lazy Days – Water Garden Exhibit Hampton Court Flower Show

Category: Water Gardens

Award: Silver Flora

A water garden in which to wile away long summer days, and steal away from today’s hectic lifestyle.

An island surrounded by a stream and fronted by a still pond onto which projects a small jetty. The island enjoys a feeling of seclusion as its only access is by a small wooden bridge. There are a number of areas on the island to laze away the days. Imagine sitting on the jetty with a book, your feet dangling in the cooling water; reclining in the hammock with a tall glass of something cold; or retreating from the midday sun to a shady gazebo.

The planting is primarily of marginal or moisture loving perennials, both native and non-native, placed in a naturalistic style. This a garden that should be owned by someone who chooses to spend any spare hours enjoying the benefits of relaxing in the garden rather than attending to maintenance. Thus the garden has been allowed to become somewhat overgrown, and in the process becomes a haven for wildlife.