Rock Garden Waterscape – Berkshire

Design brief:
After initially being commissioned to design and install a formal water garden in another part of the garden, the client asked what Pete would do with this area given a free hand.

Design fee: circa £800

Project duration: Around 3 months using a team of 4 – 5 men

Project budget: circa £65,000 with a plant budget circa £1500

Project summary:
Working with a considerably sloping plot, Pete Sims created this stunning rock garden waterscape, featuring a series of pools and streams merging into a larger pond.

The streams and pools were lined with stone and pebbles to work with the retaining rocks and form a natural setting; the rocks also protect the liner from the deer that wander into the garden.

No ultra-violet lights or filtration system was used in this garden. As an impressive natural alternative, Pete seamlessly installed two reed beds to filter the water.

The stone lined pond supported the planting within the pond, also helping with the filtration. Pete vigorously promotes this method, especially in larger pools as it not only enhances the pond but considerably reduces maintenance.

The building is Oak and timber framed with Purbeck stonework and a thatched roof.

In total 85 tonnes of Purbeck rock were used, some pieces in excess of 2 tonnes!