Summertime – Water Gardens Exhibit Hampton Court Flower Show

Category: Water Gardens

Award: Silver Gilt Flora

An island nestles in the centre of a large pond which can be accessed via a timber bridge. On the far side of the island a timber rustic building creates an intimate space for enjoying the garden when summertime is just too hot.

The pond has large clumps of mature lilies, and is edged with dense planting of marginal and moisture loving plants. A stream cascading through Purbeck rocks adds movement and life to the pond, and Pete has chosen larger rocks to retain the bank on the sloping site, and also as a stepping stone path to the island.

The garden is naturalistic, sheltered by mature shrub borders to give excellent protection from the elements. Pete has used native planting and a selection of more exotic plants to form a garden which is tranquil and relaxing and where wildlife is encouraged and enjoyed.