Swimming Pond Garden – Essex

A new house with a technically demanding garden.

Pete Sims rose to the challenge on this site, even though it threw up some interesting conundrums. With 25 of landscaping experience under his belt, Pete felt confident that he could impress his client.

Due to the close proximity of the trees and their roots, planning regulations would not permit any footings to be dug. The access for all equipment and materials was restricted to a 2.4m opening.

Design brief: – Build a show-stopping garden with these restrictions in place.

Project summary:
In order to create a patio area that could be accessed directly from the back of the house Pete ingeniously invented a metal framework using RSJ’s and metal plates to build a platform strong enough to lay the patio on. The framework was faced with a natural stone wall in excess of 2 meters high and the void beneath the patio was transformed into a changing room for the swimming pond.

The water from the large roof area of the house was harvested into storage tanks, also beneath the stilted patio, and used to irrigate the garden.

The garden building at the bottom of the garden, the paths and decks were all built on stilts to conform to the planning restrictions, with the irrigation running beneath.

The natural swimming pond was constructed by Pete and the team with the regeneration zone set up by a leading swimming pond specialist.

The project included stilted stone walls at the front of the property, a stone drive, 2 large patio areas approx 80m sq with 30m sq. suspended. One 2m stone wall, rock retaining banks, stilted paths and decks, a garden building, swimming pond, water storage and irrigation system and full planting scheme.

In total, 80 tonnes of rock was imported.

Project budget: £165,000

Project duration: 8- 9 months with a team of 6-7 men