Water Garden – Whitchurch, Berkshire

Design brief:
The client had just moved to a new house and garden and required a new koi pond to house his collection. He also wished to install a garden building from his previous garden, although it was in bad repair.

Project duration: Around 3 months using a team of 4 – 5 men

Project budget: circa £20,000 with a plant budget circa £2300 adding to existing plants and plants from the previous house

Project summary:
Pete replaced the roof and floor of the existing building and incorporated it into the stilted bridge and deck area.

A biological filtration system was installed together with a reed bed principle and planting within the pond. This helps with the filtration of the water and reduces the size of the filter box required which can be hard to hide.

Pond approx. 7 x 4 M max depth 750mm – koi pond

Pond lined with approx. x3 tonnes Horton stone

Deck boards used 9” x 2”, stilts 6” round posts

Bridge approx. 3 metres long, building base approx. 3m in diameter.