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Garden Design Warfield

Sorry I haven’t post much gardening news on here for a while but as I said the Warfield garden design was a big project and it has taken up a lot of my time. Well I am happy to say that the garden design has been completed and I have made the presentation to the clients. They were extremely pleased with the whole look and feel of the garden idea. I have included a walled entertaining area leading to a manicured formal lawn area or ‘room’ with stunning planting. From the main patio a large pergola leads through to a formal garden with crossed paths and a formal water feature in the middle where the pathways cross. These pathways are covered by pergolas and I plan to train wisteria and other scented plants up and around it. This formal garden then leads through to a more natural area with meadow planting, then onto the water garden with stilted deck and building, leaving an area for the children to play football etc.. Both myself and the clients are very excited about this garden project.

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