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Great news for bees

Great news! The votes are in. Bee-killer pesticides are going to be suspended across Europe for the next two years. Bees can breathe a sigh of relief.
Sadly our environment minister, Owen Paterson, voted against the ban. But enough other countries voted in favour and the vote was won.
– Over 300,000 of us signed the petition to ban these pesticides
– Over 40,000 of us emailed our MPs
– In the environment minister’s constituency, in North Shropshire, over 50 local 38 Degrees members came face to face with him to deliver the petition and demand he changed his mind.
– Hundreds of 38 Degrees members joined up with a host of other campaign organisations to hold a ‘March of the Beekeepers’ in Parliament square.

Thank you if you were part of this.

April 29th was a good day for bees. But there will be more we need to do. Our environment minister has shown himself to be friendly to the bee-killing pesticides companies. We’ll need to stay vigilant


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