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Renovating a century old garden

Our latest project is slightly unusual in as much as the garden has already been designed. The designer has called us in for our expertise in the renovation of the existing, 100 year old plus, formal pond which is set within the grounds of a grade II listed cottage, previously a forge.

The existing pond is in the form of a cross, constructed with brick and render with York stone crazy paving coping and surrounding area laid in York stone paving. The designer aims to keep the classic look but with a more modern feel.

So far we have drained the pond and removed approximately 200mm of sediment. We will re render where required then install a box welded liner. This is a liner that has been made to the exact measurements of the pool so it will fit snuggly against the sides. The liner will then be faced with a beautiful dark plum slate stone in a dry stone wall effect. At each end of the cross we will add a reed bed; this will aid the pressurised filtration and ensure good water quality. Within the reed beds a mix of blue and white water iris’ will be planted and finally a fountain to the middle of the pond itself.

Matching slate copings and paving are to be laid around the outside of the pond. Keep a look out on our site for the progress and final photographs.

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