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Wet wall water feature cascade with natural effect stream

This water garden starts as a stream running through the top garden to a small pool which gives the effect of spilling over and flowing over the natural stone wall in an impressive cascade as the main feature of the patio. The bridge and marginal planting soften the stream and pool.

Natural pond and stream with bridge

The header pool at the base of the stream which gives the effect of spilling over and down the stone wall below as an impressive cascade.

stream and pool with bridge by Pete Sims Garden Design Ltd

This natural effect stream runs through the garden and finishes with a wet wall cascade as the patio feature

Bridge over natural effect stream

The stream is lined with natural stone, cobbles and pebbles

natural stone wall wet wall water feature

The stream and pool above this natural stone wall give the impression of spilling over creating a cascade down the wall

natural stone wall waterfall feature by pete Simjs Garden Design Limited

This wet wall is an impressive feature to be viewed from the house and patio



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