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Winter Favourites

Time to grab a bargain by buying rootball specimens (much cheaper than container grown) and getting them planted while they are dormant. For winter interest there are some stunning winter flowering shrubs and shrubs that add colour and interest with foliage and some with vibrant coloured stems. Heres some of my favourites;


Viburnum Tinus – Common name ‘Arrow wood’ Shrub – Flowers from winter through to spring with blood red buds which bloom into soft pink/white flowers.

Height and spread approx 3 metres at 10 years

Full sun/partial shade

Will cope with any PH and prefers moisture retentive, drought resistant, well drained soil

winter garden ideas

Pieris ‘Forest Flame’ common name lily of the valley shrub

This pieris has stunning young leaf growth. The foliage opens in vivid red and changes to pinkish white before reverting to adult green. All these colours are present on the plant at the same time. White flower appear in the spring.

Height and spread approx 2 metres at 10 years

Likes full sun and partial shade

Likes moisture retentive well drained soil

red stemmed shrub

Cornus Alba Sibirica – Variegated. Common name ‘Siberian Dogwood’ Shrub –

This is a variegated, and less vigorous form of the red stemmed dogwood. Stunning deep red stems adds interest to a winter garden. When in leaf it displays elegant leaves coloured green at their centre but with an irregular white margin.

Height and spread approx 1 -1.5 metres at 10 years

Likes full sun but will tolerate partial shade

Will cope with any PH likes moisture retentive, well drained soil

Winter garden colour

My favourite favourite !! – Flowers November to March

Jasminum Nudiflorum common name winter flowering jasmine – Shrub -It is a late winter flower having  small bright yellow flowers. It can be allowed to scramble freely over a low wall or up a bank, or trained up a vertical framework. Unlike many other jasmines, winter jasmine does not twine, so will need tying-in if grown vertically

Likes Full sun, Partial shade

Well-drained soil – keep its roots well covered.

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